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    What size is Trunki? Trunki has generous dimensions of 46 x 20.5 x 31 cm and it has an 18 litre internal capacity

    Is Trunki suitable for hand luggage? Yes, in most cases (no pun needed!) - but we always recommend you check with your airline before travelling.

    What happens if part of my Trunki is broken or lost? Please contact us on 03303330464 or via our online contact form and we'll do our best to help.

    What weight is Trunki? Trunki is very lightweight at only 1.7 kg. or 3.8 pounds, making it easy to carry and store in overhead luggage compartments.

    How durable is Trunki? We have built Trunki from the same plastic as adult suitcases, so it's very durable and can be ridden over and over again! We recommend you don't exceed 50kg of contents and that you don't check Trunki in at the check in desk.

    How safe is Trunki? Trunki was designed to prevent children damaging their backs carrying heavy bags. We have built in a soft rubber rim to prevent little fingers getting caught shutting the case and stabilisers to prevent children from easily falling off. Trunki is CE marked and meets EN71 safety standards.


    How strong are the shoulder straps? BoostApak is made with super-strong reinforced shoulder straps.

    How safe is BoostApak?BoostApak is a robust and totally safe booster cushion designed to guarantee a child is always positioned at the optimum height to maximise protection provided from seatbelts in a collision. If your child's safety is paramount then BoostApak is the best portable booster on the market. BoostApak is certified to regulation ECE R44.04 for groups 2 and 3.

    Can BoostApak be used as hand luggage? Yes! BoostApak fits comfortably within hand luggage restrictions, with a spacious 8 litre capacity with enough room for books, toys and a change of clothes.

    What age group is BoostApak suitable for? BoostApak is a group 2 & 3 car seat suitable for children under 135cm or weighing between 15 - 36kg (approximately aged 4 - 12 years).

    Won't everything get squashed when sat on? No, BoostApak has a very sturdy plastic shell which keeps all your belongings protected. No more bruised bananas at break time!


    What length are the shoulder straps? PaddlePak straps are adjustable; the maximum length is 50cm for the tropical range, and 65cm for the shark and whale.

    How water resistant is PaddlePak?PaddlePak was specially designed to protect wet contents from leaking through, and protect dry contents from the rainy day trips. It's made from a treated fabric that doesn’t absorb water. In technical terms it's water resistant up to 1,500mm water pressure. Although we don't recommended submerging your PaddlePak in water!

    How much can I fit in it? Our tropical Paddlepak range has a spacious 7.5 litre capacity and comfortably fits all your swimming gear. Shark and whale are a little larger with a 10 litre capacity and have separate sides for wet and dry contents.


    How large is the pillow and blanket? Pillow is 26 x 21 x 7.5cm and the blanket is 70 x 90cm.


    How do they connect to make a Trunki ToyBox train? Attached to one of the side clips is a flexible rubber strip that simply connects to a bar on the catch on the opposite side.


    Does the Tote bag come with a strap? Yes, but older versions didn't. We can guarantee that any bought from Trunki.com will come with a strap but it is worth checking with other retailers before buying. If you have an old Tote bag, you can either use it with your Trunki strap, or purchase a tote strap from us.