what is yondi

Say hello to Yondi...

Keeps little heads upright for comfortable sleeps!

Yondi is a specially designed travel pillow that connects under the chin with hidden magnets to form a soft and supportive cushion.This stops your child's head rolling forward so they can snooze in comfort.

Snooze in comfort wherever you go!

Perfect for:

  • Car Journeys
  • Plane travel
  • Reading in comfort
  • Public transport

Yondi supports your childs head and stops it from rolling forward

We ended up getting stuck in traffic on the way home and it took us two and a half hours. Oscar fell asleep and instead of him getting neck ache the Yondi supported his head perfectly!

Sizing guide

Size Characters Dimensions Max neck size Recommended Age
Small Pink, Blue, Dino, Lion, Monkey, Fox, Owl 22 x 20 x 5 cm 30cm 2-5 years
Medium Koala, Panda 24 x 22 x 7 cm 32cm 5+ years

Packed full of great features

  • 1. Microbead filling
    For a soft and supportive fit
  • 2. Hidden magnets
    Holds the neck rest together, supporting the chin
  • 3.Trunki Grip
    To keep a blanket or teddy bear close by
  • 4. Cosy plush fabric.
    For extra comfy snoozes