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The Original Ride-on Suitcase

Trunki is designed to make travelling fun for kids (and easier for parents). They’re roomy enough to fit all the things your little one will need on their holiday, and their unique ride-on design will keep your little explorer entertained along the way.

Abbie the Ambulance Trunki

Lola the Llama Trunki

Una the Unicorn Trunki

Skye the Spaceship Trunki

Learn to Ride With Trunki

Explore our range of innovative folding bikes and scooters. Created in collaboration with Halfords these bikes and scooters fold completely flat for carrying over your shoulder, on the back of a pram or to fit into the boot.

Backpacks for small adventures

All Trunki Backpacks have been designed with days out in mind. They're all lightweight, have comfy straps and lots of innovative features so your little one has everything they need for a fun-filled day.

Antibacterial Face Masks

Packed with Trunki innovations these kids face masks are designed to avoid children’s ears for a more comfortable fit during extended use at school, on flights or using public transport. The unique Velcro strap is adjustable to fit children from 3-12 years old and simply connects around the crown of the head for easy, comfortable fitting.

Great for days out!

We make fun, innovative travel gear for families on the go! From the original ride-on suitcases to cosy travel pillows, children's reins and lunch boxes we've got all the essentials for day trips, sleepovers and vacations.

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