Trunki Toy Safety Policy

Here at Trunki, we are as passionate about safety as we are about great design.

We know our products are so much more than just luggage; children and parents alike treat the Trunki range as loyal travel companions! So that’s why we make sure that all our products meet the specified Toy Safety standards for the EU Toy Directive 2009/48/EC, which includes:

EN71 part 1: Mechanical and Physical, to ensure structural safety and stability for a child to use
EN71 part 2: Flammability
EN71 part 3: Chemical composition (including REACH regulations) to ensure there is no trace of elements harmful to children.

We always keep an eye on evolving regulations too. So you can be confident that Trunki products will not only make your journey a happy one; we'll do as much as we can to make it a safe one too.

Part of taking these regulations so seriously is to ensure our labels and instructions give you the best guidance to follow, so your child can enjoy our products safely.