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Backpacks for Little Swimmers

This range of kids swimming bags is inspired by creatures of the big, blue sea. Your little one is bound to fall in love with the water by picking their favourite aquatic animal design out of these kids swimming bags. Plus, their large size and water resistant material is perfect for keeping all their kids swimming accessories safe and dry. 

Swimming Bags

Tang the Tropical Fish - Medium PaddlePak

Kaito the Killer Whale - Large PaddlePak

Chuckles the Clown Fish - Medium PaddlePak

Pinch the Lobster - Medium PaddlePak

Coral the Tropical Fish - Medium PaddlePak

Spike the Blow Fish - Medium PaddlePak

Ribbit The Frog - Medium PaddlePak

Inky the Octopus - Medium PaddlePak

Fin the Shark - Large PaddlePak