Flying With Kids: Essential Tips

Can you recall the thrill of your first flight? The excitement of takeoff and landing, the anticipation of collecting bags, and the possibility of a passport stamp. Family holidays are enchanting, but let's face it - waiting, queuing, and sitting aren't tots' favourite activities. Fear not! We've got the ultimate tips to make flying with kids a whole lot more enjoyable.

Anticipate the Journey

Whether jetting off to a tropical paradise or embarking on a quicker flight, knowing what lies ahead prepares you for the adventure. Flying with kids is brimming with excitement about the plane, snacks, and the holiday that awaits.

Your mission during the flight is to channel their enthusiasm into various activities, leaving no room for boredom. Forget about personal plans like reading or watching a film, and don't count on them catching some shut-eye – though it’s a blessing if it does happen!

Trunki: Your In-Flight Companion

Most airlines green-light our Trunki Ride-On Suitcases as hand luggage (double-check with your airline). Optimize the space by packing it with crafts, crayons, playdough, books, and magazines. Pro tip from moms and flight attendants: wrap the toys in paper for an added layer of excitement during unwrapping.

Also take a look at our Yondi Neck Rests, keep your little travellers comfortable as they experience all the excitement with the perfect pillow if they do nod off.

Snack Overload

Bring more snacks than you think you'll need. A well-fed child is a content child, and it keeps their hands busy, preventing any hangry outbursts in-flight or during queues. Tuck away special treats for extra motivation or rewards. 

Trunki US Blog: Flying With Kids - Essential Tips

Tally the Travel Games 

A deck of cards can be a game-changer. From snap and pairs to crazy eights, traditional games like Eye Spy, First To See, and 20 Questions are excellent choices. Download their favorite games and shows beforehand, and don't forget the headphones!

Stash a few surprises in your bag to unveil when needed. This ensures you're not out of ideas within the first 20 minutes of the flight.

Take a Stroll

Kids despise sitting still, and who can blame them? Evade the beverage trolley and take a short walk around the plane. This is especially helpful with toddlers who love to be on the move.

Turn it into a game - count steps to the toilet or craft imaginative stories about fellow passengers. Make the journey an adventure!

Early Boarding Wisdom

Though tempting to minimize time on the plane, early boarding provides the opportunity to organize your overhead locker and prepare activities for take-off when electronic devices are off-limits. Make sure that Trunki Suitcase & all their toys and activities are close and easy to access.   

Flying with Kids

With a bit of planning and an abundance of snacks, flying with kids becomes an enjoyable part of the vacation experience. Maximize your baggage allowance, ensure you have everything you need, and relish the first day of your holiday playing with your little ones.

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